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Practical Information

Registration Fee

CHF/EUR 60.00  

(Can be paid via online banking or on-site by cash)

Connect to the Internet/Wifi at the Venue 

Option 1

Use Eduroam network

(This will only work if your institution is also part of the Eduroam Network)


Option 2

Use Unibas-Visitor network

[1] Select unibas-visitor wifi and wait for pop-up window to open.

[2] Click on "proceed" (bottom right corner of pop-up window).

[3] Use two-factor identification to connect to the wifi.

AMCA 2022 Dinner

- Wednesday 22nd of June; 20h -


Werk 8

Dornacherstrasse 192, 4053 Basel

Public transportation to venue:

Trams No 2, 15, or 16 – Get off at Tellplatz


Power Outlets

In Switzerland you will need a special kind of power plug (see image below). However, small chargers of the type that are used to charge smartphones and tablets will also work. You can find power adapters at:



Freie Strasse 52

4001 Basel

Mon – Fri: 09.00 – 20.00

Sat: 09.00 – 18.30


Media Markt (in the Central Train Station)

Güterstrasse 115
4053 Basel

Mon – Fri: 09.00 – 20.00

Sat: 09.00 – 18.00



In case of medical emergency, dial 144 (ambulance)

In case of suspected poisoning, dial 145 (toxicology)

For calling the police, dial 117 (police)
For calling the fire department, dial 118 (fire brigade)


Emergency doctors, dentists, pharmacies: +41 61 261 15 15

Emergency Center of the University Hospital Basel: +41 61 265 25 25


Emergency pharmacy (Notfall Apotheke Basel)

Petersgraben 3, 4051 Basel

(located in front of the main hospital)
Mon-Fri: 17.00 – 08.00 

Sat: from 16.00
Sun/Holidays: Open 24/7



The tap water in Basel and its surrounding is drinkable.
The public fountains in the city provide likewise potable aqua.

City-Ticket (Public Transportation with BVB)

In most hotels, you will be given a city-ticket that enables you to travel in the whole city for free without having to worry about a ticket, zones or ticket machines.


The currency used in Basel is Swiss Francs (CHF) but many shops, supermarkets, bars and restaurants also accept Euros (EUR) – the change, if any, will however be given in Swiss Francs.

Even though Switzerland is well known for hosting a multitude of internationally important banks, some shops, supermarkets, bars and restaurants do NOT accept credit cards. We therefore advise our guests to withdraw some cash when discovering the city.


If you wish to withdraw cash at an ATM, make sure to use machines owned by local banks, such as BKB, UBS, Credit Suisse, CLER. Machines owned by Euronet will recognize a foreign card and charge you horrendous additional fees. In addition, when withdrawing money, always choose to be charged in the local currency (and not in your home currency). In other words, don't let the machine do your currency conversion.

Swimming in the Rhine

Swimming in the Rhine is a unique experience. However, note that only experienced swimmers who are also able to dive should swim in the Rhine. It is not enough to be able to just drift downstream! We do not assume any responsibility for incidents.

See the city’s guidelines:

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